One as a Gift, One to Give

Like any good idea, it needs to catch on. There are always creative ways of sharing about products and ideas, especially with moving to the online world of social media, Instagram and social recommendations. However, in a more traditional fashion, I believe the best way get people to buy products is to actually try them out first. With helping people make eco choices, there needs to be some changes in habits by raising the profile of products that are better for the environment. Encouraging people to try something new and they may decide, actually they do like it and are willing to buy into it.

Maybe it’s a sign that I am now year older than last month or the Coronavirus lock down is getting too much but I will unashamedly admit that I did get excited about these dish ‘Unsponges‘ from a website called

It is actually the company that I buy paper parcel tape from which are a great alternative to using sellotape to wrap parcels. I added these ‘unsponges’ to my basket to make up the order for the free delivery (I am sure there was a marketing ploy there!). Buying from these independent sellers rather than the big retailers is a great way of supporting the eco cause. They source good quality ethical products and the shipping of them comes in lovely plastic free packaging, all lovely doubly.

These handmade reusable ‘unsponges’ are made from cotton and bamboo. This is a good alternative to foam dish sponges that cannot biodegrade after use. The core in the middle is a bamboo structure with the cotton waffle top. Bamboo in naturally antibacterial too making it a good material choice for washing dishes. They are surprisingly robust and the slightly abrasive top layer is actually pretty good with tougher stains. They can be washed in the machine on a normal cycle and used again and again. When they are no longer usable they can be cut up and composted too (although I like them too much to do that).

As well as the fabric pattern, they caught my attention being in a pack of 2. This gave me an idea, that you can try one out and if you like it, give the other one away for someone else to try. This way people can see they do work and are a great product.

One as gift, one to give. One for me, one for you!

If the costing allowed, I would make all the little Eco gifts in a pack of 2 for this very reason of getting people to try things out and make Eco swaps for every day products. It is a great way to share ideas. Gifts can be packaged with a little gift label inside that is ready to attach to the one to give. I already know who I am going to give my extra one too and will have to see if she likes it and will write a post on the results!

5 thoughts on “One as a Gift, One to Give

  1. Wow compostable too! Do you just machine wash them? These look really good, will definitely take a look thanks!


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