Soft Toys (and eco!)

This little snow leopard arrived in our home last week, affectionately named Snowy by my daughter, she’s in love with him and he has already had many adventures and features in her story telling writing for school. I was excited for his arrival as he is from a brand new range of Eco friendly toys made by Keel. Keel is on one of the largest soft toy suppliers in the UK and it is fantastic that they have made this step towards towards sustainability.

This snow leopard is made from 100% recycled plastic polyester, including the stuffing. Recycled polyester, also known as rPET, is made from many single use plastic bottles like water bottles. The bottles are cleaned and then shredded into pellets. A yarn is then spun by crushing and melting the pellets. According to Keel toys:

16 water bottles will produce enough fibre to create a 30cm toy and producing rPET uses 59% less energy than in virgin polyester production.

The traditional glass eyes have been replaced with sustainable cotton embroidered eyes which are just so lovable as before . Recycled glass beans replace the plastic beads inside that keep the toy weighed down and with a quality feel. The iconic red tag is now made from FSC cardboard and is attached to the toy with cotton rather than a plastic kimble tag. Even the sewn in label is recycled, and everything is manufactured in an ICTI ethically audited factory.

I love that this is an example of using recycled materials whilst not compromising on the quality and cuteness. They are also no more expensive than the other items in the Keel toys collection so this could be an exciting future for their brand and other soft toys alike.

I am very impressed with the look and feel of this cuddly toy. It is one of a range called the CuddleEco featuring different animals from across the world that are endangered. This also raises the awareness of protecting them and being kind to the creatures of the earth.

I am sure that we will now be trying to collect them all and will be a feature on up coming birthday and Christmas lists!

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