Eco make-up bag #3 Eyeshadow

I’ve been hunting around for quite a while now for an eco-friendly cosmetics brand and the leading high street retailers have been somewhat disappointing in their offerings. In my opinion they need to wake up and catch up! When I worked at Boots head office (quite a long time ago now), it was when self-selectionContinue reading “Eco make-up bag #3 Eyeshadow”

Eco make-up bag #2 Solid Foundation

For this post i’m going to approach the subject of ‘Zero Waste‘. Rather than looking at packaging that can be recycled, this is the concept of no packaging at all or where the packaging has a function for the product. I do like this Eco concept as long as it doesn’t compromise on the qualityContinue reading “Eco make-up bag #2 Solid Foundation”

Ra Ra Raffia My Bag

With a degree in Materials Science and Engineering, I have spent much time over my university years in the research and understanding of the different properties of materials and their uses. I am particularly interested in materials that are engineered with reducing the impact on the environment. Places like CAT (Center for Alternative Technologies) areContinue reading “Ra Ra Raffia My Bag”

A Gift for Your Feet

From my days working for various footwear suppliers, after graduating with a Materials Engineering degree in Product Performance and Safety, I have always had a keen eye for materials and their uses. I have a particular interest with issues around sourcing and eco sustainability. I have also become quite selective when it comes to footwearContinue reading “A Gift for Your Feet”