Let The Good Times Roll

It was Father’s Day last year that my journey began of looking at Eco friendly gifts. The parents’ circle at school that my children go to run a series of pop-up stalls throughout the year for events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. The children can bring some money to visit a stall and buy a small gift to wrap up for their mum or dad. In previous years, the gifts have often been cheap, plastic or novelty items that will probably end up in that special storage place (aka the bin!). I took up the challenge to source some alternative gift options that were more ‘green’, sustainable with no single use plastic. It was quite a challenge with a budget of £2 an item. I sourced things like men’s hankies to use instead of tissues, soap bars, gardening gloves and lots of coffee. If you read my previous post about coffee you can find out more!

This year is quite different with schools closed for the term and working remotely. My children have enjoyed more time with Daddy at home although they maybe don’t fully understand the reasons it has to be this way. Daddy has needed to be working too and often gets interrupted by small people wanting his attention. This made me think about gifts specially for this father’s day.

The gift of our time is the most precious resource we have to give

I came across this wooden dice idea and it really captured my attention. On each face of there is a different activity to do with Daddy. I put things like, go on walk, bike riding, watch a movie together, play with Lego or read a book. These are all things that my children love to do with their Daddy. It’s a solid wholesome gift that says more about relationships being important over things. The gift itself is less important than the sentiment that comes with it. I think for this year, this gift is a perfect reflection of the season. I think he liked it!

I have lots of other ideas for sustainable gifts for dads but I will have to save them for father’s day next year now! Please keep reading my posts!

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