Eco Christmas Day

With only a week to go until Christmas day itself, attention is now on (or maybe I’m telling myself to get on with it!) all the preparations for the big day itself. With family gatherings being a little smaller this year for many it gives some breathing room to think about being more eco conscious and perhaps adopt some new habits for Christmas in future years. I’ve received many positive comments on my twelve days of a eco Christmas series of posts based on the “12 days of Christmas” carol, especially the ten top tips from day 10 so I’ve put together a quick top 10 tips of an Eco Christmas Day. Whether you are are a large family or not, I hope these ideas will be of some use.

1. Set the table with reusable cotton napkins rather than using disposable ones. You can fold them like trees so something fun.

2. Choose a free range turkey if you can (they can be a bit more pricey). We nearly didn’t have a turkey last year as a few days before the big day we were on our way to pick up our lovely free range Norfolk turkey from one of my husband’s work colleagues and and had a car tyre blow out. Thankfully we had pulled in near a Kwik Fit garage and thanks to my parents and the AA for coming to rescue us on Christmas eve were back on the road in time to collect the turkey! Alternatively there are some lovely recipes for a meat-free nut roast for a meat-free tasty dinner.

3. Buy Christmas crackers that are fully recyclable or choose some Eco alternatives. Check out my previous post on Christmas crackers for some reusable Christmas cracker ideas.

Eco friendly cackers that are completely reccyclable

4. Avoid clingfilm by wrapping leftover food in eco alternatives like recyclable foil, beeswax wraps or reusable tubs. Check out my post on Beeswax wraps for leftovers.

BeesWax wraps for any leftovers

5. Buy snacks like crisps in larger bag sizes and share out in some festive bowls so that it reduces the amount of packaging from individual bags.

6. For the washing up use an eco alternative to a sponge like these un-sponges.

Use an alternative to sponges for the washing-up

7. Put on a warm coat, a lambs wool scarf, recycled cashmere hand warmers or some Sustainable Sneaks and go for a walk and enjoy fresh air, take in the beauty of nature and ‘reset’ for the rest of the day.

Put on some Turtle hand warmers to go for a christmas day walk

8. Play games that don’t require anything other than good humour and maybe some acting skills. Who and I? Or good old charades.

9. Save any un-crumpled wrapping paper or cute cards that could be re-used as gift tags for next years gifts.

10. Think about ‘zero waste‘ by only buying what will be eaten in date and think of using up leftovers to make meals that can be frozen like a turkey curry for a hearty family meal. For more tasty eco ideas check out out

Lastly, have fun and enjoy your Christmas. It is a day to celebrate (with family if possible this year) and be thankful for all we have.

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