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Eco make-up bag #3 Eyeshadow

I’ve been hunting around for quite a while now for an eco-friendly cosmetics brand and the leading high street retailers have been somewhat disappointing in their offerings. In my opinion they need to wake up and catch up! When I worked at Boots head office (quite a long time ago now), it was when self-selectionContinue reading “Eco make-up bag #3 Eyeshadow”

Eco make-up bag #1 Mascara

Following on from the popularity of my blog post about the back to school Eco pencil case and all the lovely comments, I’m going to do a mini-series about what is inside an eco make-up bag? It might give some eco inspiration for gifts for the special ladies out there, all these little items wouldContinue reading “Eco make-up bag #1 Mascara”

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