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Fairtrade Wine

We are currently in the middle of Fairtrade fortnight, which is a 2 week campaign, raising awareness of global trading by paying fair prices for the crop from third world farmers. When I think about Fairtrade, I think about some of more obvious things like Fairtrade bananas or choosing a Fairtrade tea or coffee brand.Continue reading “Fairtrade Wine”

Pancake Day & Little Eco Lent

Mix a pancake,Stir a pancake,Pop it in the pan;Fry the pancake,Toss the pancake,Catch it if you can. A famous pancake rhyme As it is Pancake day, I thought I’d share a few ideas for lent and also some of the history. My son has decided we are having pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner today!Continue reading “Pancake Day & Little Eco Lent”

Love is……

Happy Valentines Day! Over the past few weeks of this third national lockdown I’ve been making this Love Heart cross stitch cushion made from tapestry wool by Crafteratti for my daughter. It poses the a question Love is….? Since it’s Valentine’s Day I thought it would be appropriate to share a few thoughts and reflectionsContinue reading “Love is……”

Shampoo Soap Bars

One of the most versatile ‘eco’ beauty products has to be soap bars. They are a great example of a product with no plastic packaging and something that everyone uses (or at least the people I want to spend time with!). In my post about Soaper Heros, I featured the Friendly travel soap which wasContinue reading “Shampoo Soap Bars”


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