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Paper Christmas

Throughout this November lockdown my blog posts are all about little eco ideas, tips and inspiration for the season that don’t require many resources or that require you to go and buy someting specific, what’s not to love about that? Creating something from very little that you already have at home it is both ecoContinue reading “Paper Christmas”

Simple Sweet Treats

Whist in this November lockdown it seems only appropriate to blog about things that don’t require many ingredients or craft supplies etc. It’s frustrating at the moment that small independent businesses have been forced to temporarily close due to the pandemic yet the big giants can carry on and seem to be taking market shareContinue reading “Simple Sweet Treats”

Zero Cost Autumn Wreath

It’s the beginning of November, with less than 50 days until Christmas and we find ourselves heading into another month long national lockdown due to rising cases of COVID-19. All non-essential retailers, restaurants, gyms and churches all having to close again to in person gatherings, move to on-line only with a ‘stay at home’ orderContinue reading “Zero Cost Autumn Wreath”

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