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World Refill Day

Today, 16th June, is World refill Day, as well as being forecast to be the hottest day of the year. World Refill is a global campaign to encourage people to sign up to a pledge to reduce single use plastic. As an organisation, they have partnered up with Chilly’s water bottles to promote using reusableContinue reading “World Refill Day”

Wildflower Seed Bombs

Making and planting seed bombs is a fun, messy, hands-on activity that all can join in with. It is also a low cost, eco friendly gift idea that is really simple to do. I have recently been involved in the planning of some eco activities for a school eco day where I work. We areContinue reading “Wildflower Seed Bombs”

Play for future

When looking at buying birthday gifts for children, I always look for something that is a more than just single use. I try and buy useful things like clothing, stationary, baking equipment, games or books. Where possible, gifts that are not covered in non- recyclable plastic film that goes immediately in the bin or inContinue reading “Play for future”

Local Honey

I am definitely a supporter of buying anything that is local, supporting local businesses and products that don’t come covered in non-recyclable plastic packaging. Honey from local bee keepers is a great eco gift for someone to enjoy on toast or to make a delicious honey cake (see recipe at the end of this post!).Continue reading “Local Honey”

Orange Bird Feeder

I have recently been asked to put together some ideas to run an Eco day at the primary school where I work. This is something totally up my street and I am so excited about the plans we have coming together for it. What a brilliant opportunity to engage children in thinking about the environmentContinue reading “Orange Bird Feeder”


Today‚Äôs post is all about the laundry. I have deliberated about writing this up as it is something very ‘everyday’ and not perhaps most exciting of topics, although following on from my other popular posts on similar things like the Eco Unsponges and Toilet Paper I have come to realise that eco is sometimes justContinue reading “EcoEgg”


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