Fairtrade Fortnight – Fairtrade Flowers

As part of this two week Fairtrade awareness campaign run by the Fairtrade Foundation, I’ve been looking at some different consumer items where there is an option to buy Fairtrade and in doing so supporting the Fairtrade ethics of fair prices and working conditions for producers. It is not to say that other suppliers orContinue reading “Fairtrade Fortnight – Fairtrade Flowers”

Fairtrade Fortnight – Share our World

Tomorrow is the start of a 2 week campaign running from 22nd February to 7th March by the Fairtrade foundation, It is a festival called Choose the World You Want which is about raising awareness of ethics and trading across the globe. As consumers we have power and we can make a difference with whatContinue reading “Fairtrade Fortnight – Share our World”

Pancake Day & Little Eco Lent

Mix a pancake,Stir a pancake,Pop it in the pan;Fry the pancake,Toss the pancake,Catch it if you can. A famous pancake rhyme As it is Pancake day, I thought I’d share a few ideas for lent and also some of the history. My son has decided we are having pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner today!Continue reading “Pancake Day & Little Eco Lent”