Fairtrade Fortnight – Share our World

Tomorrow is the start of a 2 week campaign running from 22nd February to 7th March by the Fairtrade foundation, It is a festival called Choose the World You Want which is about raising awareness of ethics and trading across the globe. As consumers we have power and we can make a difference with whatContinue reading “Fairtrade Fortnight – Share our World”

Pancake Day & Little Eco Lent

Mix a pancake,Stir a pancake,Pop it in the pan;Fry the pancake,Toss the pancake,Catch it if you can. A famous pancake rhyme As it is Pancake day, I thought I’d share a few ideas for lent and also some of the history. My son has decided we are having pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner today!Continue reading “Pancake Day & Little Eco Lent”

Happy New Year – Who Gives a Crap?

During this Coronavirus pandemic we have become a nation obsessed with buying toilet roll. Statistics from The Grocer showed sales in spring 2020 as the virus hit the UK increased by 55% and many sold out as people panicked and it became that essential item that people couldn’t live without, along with hard to findContinue reading “Happy New Year – Who Gives a Crap?”