Green Red Nose Day

New! Plastic- free red noses

Today is the big charity day for Comic Relief. You many be involved in various fundraising events today from sponsored bike rides, to socially distant cake sales to dressing up as a superhero or a Police lady like I am today in showing our appreciation for local superheroes in our community. Since 1985 it has been a biannual event that brings people together in thinking of others through TV broadcasting for laughter filled entertainment. It all started when some friends Richard Curtis and Jane Tewson came up with the idea of using comedy to change the lives of people living in famine torn Africa. Since then it has raised over £1 billion that has been used to fund projects both in the UK and internationally that help alleviate poverty.

The red nose has become the symbol of comic relief representing a funny clown. Over the years, buying a red nose has been a way to raise money and could be purchased in local supermarkets. The noses have changed over the years and have come in various plastic guises.

In 2019 some students from a local primary school in Cornwall took the initiative to write to comic relief and also to David Attenborough about the sustainability of the red noses. This excites me so much not only as it is the voice of an emerging eco-conscious generation but it also demonstrated that children can make a difference when they are listened to. They apparently received a hand written reply from Mr Attenborough endorsing their plea for more eco friendly noses. If that was the school I work in, it would most definitely be displayed in a frame as something quite special and to be proud of!

Developed in partnership with Sainsbury’s and taken 18 months of research, this year 2021 Comic Relief launched its first 100% plastic-free Nose. It is plant based, made from bagasse, a fibrous by-product of sugar cane. The fibres are processed to make a foam like material that is used for various things like food boxes. Even the red nose box is completely plastic free and recyclable which is a massive step on from the plastic or foam noses of previous years.

Richard Curtis, Comic Relief co-founder in a recent interview said:

“I’m extremely pleased that we have created the first plastic-free nose for Red Nose Day 2021 – it is amazing what you can create from a sugar cane product. Our new Nose marks a strong step on our sustainability journey.

I think this is such a fantastic step forward for the charity. The noses that have been so popular have now become something that is a statement on looking after the planet too is really positive.

“Reducing single-use plastic is vitally important and Comic Relief is firmly committed to playing our part. Our Red Noses are very popular, and we have been determined to create a more sustainable plastic-free version for everyone to enjoy.

Ruth Davison, Chief Executive of Comic Relief

Continuing with the new ‘eco’ theme, the noses come in 10 woodland characters and a rare Gold nose (that my son was really hoping to find,).I think is such a great way to celebrate the first plastic-free nose range and represents much of what they are trying to achieve. I also like that the boxes can be folded out to make a little tree house for the noses so it has some further function and play-ability. They can also make a little money box too that coins can be collected and then sent off to Comic Relief.

Along with the red noses, there are other merchandise for sale, some more eco-friendly than others. I also picked up some other little kits for my children at home. The adventure kit contains what you need to go on an outdoor adventure and make some craft binoculars and I love the use of imagination in this kit. My son was pestering me to take a photo for this blog so he could open the box and look at the contents. I am also looking forward to baking some Comic Relief cakes using the eco kit that includes a paper table cloth and eco friendly cup cake toppers.

I really see these noses are going to be a huge success and it is going to be exciting to see what the 2023 nose will be like! Hopefully I will still be writing this blog by then to come back to this post and see if the noses are yet more eco friendly!

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