Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath

Spring is always a time of thinking of new life and hope. The weather this year has been teasing us a little with a few days of summer sunshine this week, BBQ, paddling pool out, finding the sunscreen etc. and the next day its freezing cold, minus temperatures and in fact snowing. My poor lettuces that I have planted out at school are probably a bit confused by it all although seem to be hardy enough to cope. That is really what this year has been about, the promise of new life and return to ‘normality’ followed the next day by news of someone else that is poorly with COVID and it suddenly seems more real again. Like the springtime, new life is emerging and we will get there. Sunny summer days are ahead!

In a moment of feeling creative this week, I put together a quick and easy spring wreath from some cuttings from the garden. For the base for it I used the twigs from the Zero Cost Autumn Wreath that I did using dried fallen leaves.

Reusing things is a great way to be eco without having to start over each time.

I then used some wire to bind the foliage on with a help of the glue gun to finish it off. To keep it looking fresh, you mist is every few days with a water spray. You can also pack in a little moss too if there was more flowers on your wreath to keep looking crisp with out drooping too much. When it does look like it has seen better days, you can then change the flowers again with something else. It is a great way to keep your door looking pretty in the changing seasons, a gift to make you feel at home!

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