Happy Easter

It is good to have certain points in the year that you can look back on and reflect. Easter 2020 was the start of the first COVID lockdown and I think quite honestly everyone thought it might be for a few weeks or so, no-one could have imagined that a year on, Easter 2021 we are still up against this virus, coming through the other side now with hope in an effective vaccination program. Although my real hope as a Christian is found in the person of Jesus as we celebrate His resurrection today on Easter Sunday.

In some ways it can be easy to look back and think, nothing has changed, or moved on?….. But it has. I was reflecting on my last years post on An Eco Easter. It was very much at the beginning of this eco blog journey and it was about sowing new ideas and having a go with things. A year on and a lot of those ideas have begun to develop and some even flourish. I have started a new job where I feel I am beginning to find my place there. I have written a lot of blog posts about various eco inspired ideas and learnt some new things along the way. All the time growing, gaining more confidence and momentum to believe in myself a little more. In a little an update from my Easter blog post last year, my husband has just finished building a veg planter to be able to grow some herbs in the garden. It has moved on from just a little seed of an idea to physical thing. Seeing ideas come to life is fruit from having a go.

For Easter gifts this year, I decided to give a family baking gift to those people we would usually buy a chocolate egg. Baking is a wonderful way to ‘have a go’ and that everyone can enjoy. There are ways to be eco with giving either some lovely home baked goodies or the equipment needed to make them. The gift is a reusable mixing bowl, a recipe book for ideas, a bamboo spatula, eco friendly silicone baking molds, paper cupcake cases, reusable cookie cutters and a spring baking kit. I also put in one of my cookies in a jar mix from Christmas that was so popular that I was taking orders for people who specifically asked for them to give to friends for presents. (I’ll have to start soon working on my ideas for next years cookies jar).

I delivered the of baking goodies gift to the doorstep in eco- friendly cellulose wrap that can also be reused, if not it will biodegrade unlike plastic cellophane which means it can be given with peace of mind it is not going to damage the environment or have a long term impact. This is the same as I used for the Strawberries in a bag seeds kit for the non-plastic liner for other Easter gifts this year. The sentiment of the baking gift is to encourage family time together and create some memories with the kids at home with out single use items. It is something that can be used over and over again with more yummy treats to bake and share.

What ideas have you had that have moved on from a seed? Perhaps this Easter is a time to reflect on how things have changed and to celebrate the growth and give things a go.

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