Bouncy Castle Beach Bag

Wyatt and Jack beach bag made from a bouncy castle

I always love a gift that that that has been created from something that would have otherwise have been destined for landfill. Wyatt and Jack are a great example of making new products from rescued materials. They take broken bouncy castles, old deckchairs and beach inflatables and transform them into all sizes of bags and accessories. The materials are really durable, usually PVC and whilst no longer suitable for the the intended purpose they all now get a new lease of life.

This fun beach bag used to be part of a bouncy castle. I love the label that says ‘Ex Inflatable’ as a reminder of what it once was. They make lovely Eco gifts that are fun and useful. Even after use, you can send them back to the company and they have a repair option and resell so they can keep on going. This is everything I love about being ‘eco’ with this mindset of reuse and repair.

If you after a smaller gift, then they do pencil cases, makeup bags, pouches and wash bags. There are options to personalise a bag too for an extra special eco gift. I will definitely be purchasing more of these bags for various birthdays coming up!

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