An Eco Easter

Bluebells from our garden

Easter is a time of New Life. A a Christian, this is particularly important time of year, considering the Easter message of Jesus on the cross and being raised to life again. Perhaps this is a time to also consider some new beginnings of life and ideas too. As the Spring is here, trees are in blossom and cheery daffodils saying hello, the new life of baby lambs and chicks starting to hatch and so many thoughts. Ideas that were just seeds, now beginning to grow into something, showing signs of life.

What does an eco Easter look like? I am sure its is more than the mass of chocolate eggs, although there  are some really tasty Fair Trade Easter Eggs out there. I’ll save those thoughts for another post.

I was thinking what better way to say Happy Easter than to give back to the earth itself with flowers.

Cut flowers are lovely and have their place and certainly bring a smile to a face. A more beautiful thing would be the gift of a bulb that isn’t just enjoyed and thrown away but it can be planted and comes out every year. Or a plant that can be nurtured.

I have looked in the past at doing something called seed bombs, these are wild flowers mixed together in a clay that can be thrown into a garden to generate wild flowers. I do like this idea, but it would require someone to have a patch of garden they are willing to let run wild. I might consider than if my eldest wasn’t so petrified of being stung by the bees that are enjoying it!

Another lovely gift would be a starter set to grow some vegetables or herbs. This would make a lovely gift to be able to use with some lovely recipe cards to sew the seeds of sustainable living, starting with something small like some parsley or a small chili plant. It is really quite satisfying to plant something, learn to look after it and see it begin to grow. That in essence is what I want this blog to be about, sewing some ideas out there for how to give sustainable and thoughtful gifts to show kindness to each other and the planet.

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