Eco make-up bag #4 double ups

For this final post in the mini series on Eco-make-up choices, I am going to look at ways to be more ‘eco’ by doubling up, reducing waste and buying wisely by not having multiple options for everything. It also comes in handy for packing lightly for a holiday, Coronavirus permitting (we can dream and plan still?!).

A perfect companion for the Nic & Mix beauty palette that was featured in my previous post about eye shadows, is some Eco Tools brushes. I do find it quite ironic that you can pick up some Eco friendly make up brushes in places like Boots but not buy so easily eco conscious makeup to use them with? Anyway, I really like these brushes as there are 7 interchangeable heads. This is both reducing and reusing. The amount that we buy is less along with the brush handle itself being reused.

7 in 1 interchangeable brushes

My only slight niggle with the Eco Tools with them is I do feel that they are over-packaged for an ‘Eco’ brand. The brushes come in a handy tin but they surely don’t need to have a plastic display case too? Albeit recycled plastic. There is a little sticker on the back which is plantable and biodegradable which is a nice touch but doesn’t compensate for the plastic in the packaging.

When looking at the brushes themselves, the questions to ask are… How easily can the component parts be separated for recycling? What is the composition of the brush head? Some brushes are made from animal hair which is something to look out for if you are wanting a Vegan-friendly brush. One suggestion for makeup brushes that are no longer fit for make-up, is to use them as paint brushes or donate them to a local school or nursery that can make use of them for creative artwork.

Other ways to double-up with the make-up is to buy items such as Benefit Benetint that is both a lip stain and also cheek stain. Benefit is a brand that does not test on animals but they do not claim to be ‘cruelty-free’. This is because they are not commenting on the ingredients they use in their products so I cannot endorse it as an Eco brand. However, I do still like that is has a double up function and that is an example of being Eco minded.

Other double-ups might be an eye shadow that can be used to fill brows, or clear mascara that can be used as a base coat on lashes as well as to set eye brows and give definition. A miracle balm that work as lip salve as well as soothing spot breakouts. I’ve love to hear about your double-up successes (or disaster too)!

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