Eco make-up bag #3 Eyeshadow

The Nic and Mix reusable eye-shadow palette.

I’ve been hunting around for quite a while now for an eco-friendly cosmetics brand and the leading high street retailers have been somewhat disappointing in their offerings. In my opinion they need to wake up and catch up!

When I worked at Boots head office (quite a long time ago now), it was when self-selection makeup was just becoming the way forward and with huge emphasis on marketing the customer experience with big brands. That is now very old fashion and I can see that eco sustainability is the future. Customers are are becoming more aware of issues of ethics like testing on animals and using planet-friendly products which are actively trying to reduce carbon footprint in ways like using less plastics in their product or packaging. Self- selection is particularly difficult at the moment with tester products not being available due to the spread of COVID-19.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the units in the big stores replaced with sustainable options for make-up? Encouraging a better way that looks after both us and the planet. There is currently far too much plastic on the shelves and not enough choice for sustainable beauty brands.

Similar to the refillable mascara, for this post I want to look at refillable eye shadow palettes. This is a great way to reduce unnecessary waste and be more resourceful and considerate with what we buy new each time. I have been looking for make-up where the palette can be purchased and then the individual shades are purchased separately and can be replaced as and when they need to. After a lot (an awful lot!) of frustration and sending rubbish flimsy things back, I came across this brand called NicMacBeauty and I thought, yes! The Nic and Mix palette is the way forward for eye shadows. A reusable sustainable choice that is not plastic!

The brand is a very small start-up but I can resonate completely with the brand owner, 100% supporting their mission. The brand is Vegan and cruelty-free and all of the products are hand-made in the UK. Packaging is completely plastic free and recyclable too. You can purchase currently directly through their website or a number of other selective places but wouldn’t it be so amazing to see this concept rolled out on a bigger scale like I’ve already imagined? It would be a fabulous customer experience to be able to ‘Nic and Mix’ the eye shadows, building up a beauty palette or a palette that includes slots other make-up like blusher too, something that is completely configurable.

peach whip, nougat, aniseed, marmalade, cola bottle & strawberry milkshake

The palette holds 6 eye shadows of choice. It has a magnetic base and is made from recyclable materials. Even with no plastic, it feels quality and that it will last. It also has a handy mirror making it very easy to use. I went for the most popular shades peach whip, nougat, aniseed, marmalade, cola bottle & strawberry milkshake to start with and I am looking forward to experimenting with the difference shades. It is not the cheapest set at £12 for the palette and the shades on top. Having said that, it is reflected in the good quality of the product and anyone who receives this as a gift this year will not be disappointed! You can also buy gift vouchers too so one suggestion might be to buy the palette with a few shades and then a voucher to cover the rest, there are so many shades to choose from. In doing so supporting a small business and also thinking about the environmental impact too.

Nicmac also sell their own Eco-friendly brushes too that will compliment the gift, although I am going to write a separate post about make-up brushes and some sustainable ideas to go in my Eco make-up bag. Check out the other posts so far in this series on Mascara and solid foundation that can all be used as little stocking fillers from Santa. I hope I am on the good list!

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