Eco Warrior

At a job interview recently, I was asked how to best to describe yourself. I really HATE these kind of questions as you have to think, what qualities of a person are they looking for? What do they want me to say, outgoing,reliable, hardworking, witty? All of these I hope to be true but I would never want to actually admit to some of the things that come mind first….. perhaps lacking in self confidence, a fear of failure, a mummy trying to do her best for her kids and family and who doesn’t often think about herself. What are the things we say about ourselves? We need to have more self-respect sometimes and see that we are actually all awesomely unique and gifted.

A friend of mine has just started up a little Etsy business called Bravebearteeco selling eco-friendly t-shirts with meaningful slogans. The teeshirts, jumpers and hoodies are all ethically sourced cotton or recycled polyester, fantastic quality and are printed in her studio at home. I love the concept and that it is easy to select your colour and text you want. The jumper that says perfectly imperfect is one of my favourites and is it a reminder that we all on a journey of discovering more about ourselves. I think I might have to put in another order for one. Bravebearvteeco also sells t-shirts with the words strong that when she donates 10% of profits to the charity Tommy’s that funds research into miscarriage, premature and still birth. They make lovely gifts, like this BeYOUtiful t-shirt I ordered for my daughter. The delivery is quick too and comes beautifully packaged so can whole heartedly recommend.

If there is something more individual you are looking for then they do bespoke orders too by special request. I had this t-shirt made up, that says ‘Eco Warrior’. I think that it sums up who I am in many ways, I like the idea of being a warrior as that is about having to fight for something that is worth it. My battlefield is the environment we live in and wanting to see change in action for looking after it. It might only be in the little things we do but we can all be in the action together and see some positive change. Writing this blog is all about different ideas of how to be environmentally friendly with eco choices and gifts.

Please do consider supporting local start up companies like Bravebearteeco. Your orders can me a real difference to an individual who like me has the mandate of raising a family and making a difference in the world we live in with eco friendly goodies.

P.S I was offered the job!

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