The basic gift of a bra

This blog post is taking a slightly different angle on gifts to what I usually write about. Rather than searching the internet for that perfect eco friendly gift for that really difficult person to buy for or the person who seems to have everything already, this a chance to reflect on how much we already have. We can consider how rich we really are and how we can give to others less fortunate. Better still, saving on the environment from unwanted items otherwise destined for landfill.

With the kids back at school, I have finally had a chance to have a good sort out. I started with the mammoth task of the underwear drawer that was full of odd socks and unworn bras. It is amazing really that we have some much choice. Do I really need 20+ bras and I think there are enough socks to wear a different pair every day for at least a month. It is crazy really when there are people living around the globe that don’t even have the basics and would consider under garments as luxury items. It’s good to get perspective sometimes.

I’ve only recently discovered that you can send unwanted bras that are ‘lightly laundered’ to a charity that distributes them to people who need them. Smalls for All® collects and distributes under garments to help adults and children in both Africa and the UK. Your unwanted bras can be a meaningful gift. Quoting from their website:

The impact of providing underwear is far greater than just handing over something that we very much take for granted.

They also accept donations of new knickers in sizes 8-14 and also men’s pants and children’s underwear to their warehouse that has now reopened with social distancing measures in place. These knickers can help women who really need them not just something nice to do but for their dignity. They may be recovering from illness and it’s a basic need. Next time you go to buy some new underwear, put another pack for someone else less fortunate and send to:

Smalls for All®
Five Sisters Business Park
West Calder
EH55 8PN
United Kingdom

If you provide an e-mail address then you will receive a note of thanks. You might also consider giving a small financial donation of £3 with the parcel to help cover their distribution costs.

My parcel of unwanted bras and new knickers is all taped up in eco friendly reused paper bag and biodegradable paper tape and ready to go. I am definitely going to have a look at other ways to give the luxuries I have to meet the basic needs of others.

If you are reading this blog and looking for eco gift inspiration then there are plenty of suggestions on my previous blog posts, from sprouting pencils to cookie mix to hand-made recycled cashmere brooches and many more ideas 😊

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