Paper Christmas

Orgami Star Garland

Throughout this November lockdown my blog posts are all about little eco ideas, tips and inspiration for the season that don’t require many resources or that require you to go and buy someting specific, what’s not to love about that? Creating something from very little that you already have at home it is both eco and satisfying too!

With December nearly upon us, this isn’t quite the festive season this year we were all expecting. This time last year, we had no idea that this Christmas we would be in the middle of a world-wide pandemic. Perhaps it is a chance reflect on the meaning of it all and in essence everything at the moment is waiting to see if social distancing rules might be relaxed enough to be able to see our family and loved ones for Christmas Day or not. For me it’s also been a chance to think about some of the craft things I enjoy doing and usually have these big ideas and then run out of time to do them. This year I’ve made a pledge to myself to be more intentional and thoughtful about my gifts and hopefully have the time make a few things too.

Responsibly sourced paper (look out for the FSC certification mark) in my opinion is really understated in its uses this time of year. It both inexpensive and eco-friendly. Paper that hasn’t been covered in glitter or laminated with film like in most wrapping paper is 100% recyclable, biodegrades or can even be put on a fire. I once burnt my son’s homework by mistake thinking it was scrap paper (but that’s another story!). If you want to know about recycling paper then read my blog post A birthday Post for tips on doing the scrunch test.

Tip! Think about wrapping presents this year in paper that can be recycled rather than non recyclable laminated paper.

I’ve been enjoying this week playing about with some different ideas for Christmas gifts. A few years ago now I was introduced to making origami stars. They are a bit tricky to get the hang of how to fold the 5 point star from a hexagon but once you get going they are really quite effective. If you don’t have any special origami paper then you can use some 6×6 inch squares of an old magazine or up-cycle pages of an old book like I did. They look great on a garland but could be used a tree decoration or as a gift tag too.

Tip! Use squares of old magazines or pages from an old book as origami paper.

If you want something a bit simpler, then a paper decorated card is super easy to do. The paper tubes are formed by rolling them round a pencil and secured with double sided (eco) tape if you have any or glue. Then you need to cut different lengths to make the stand out tree design. I used some plainer green paper but patterned paper also looks good.

I’ve also enjoyed making some little bird tags. The individual birds, the dove, partridge and robin are made from either thin card or water-colour paper with tiny amount of origami paper and a black marker pen. The twine is secured with a small amount of paper tape. They work well as gift labels or can be displayed as a mobile using a stick (from our collection by the back door) and twine. Butchers string would also look effective.

Tip! When cutting out the circle for the eyes. Use a hole punch as it creates a perfect little circle.

There are so many ideas to decorate your home for Christmas with paper and origami angels to paper wreaths and garlands. Paper doesn’t have to be thin and flimsy but with a little creative thought, it can be pretty and can make a lovely gift or gift tag. You can also check out my post on origami flowers for more paper inspired ideas.

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