Lavender’s Blue

My first attempt at needle-felting a picture of lavender fields, a fun lockdown craft!

Hitchin Lavender fields is one of my most favourite local places to go in the summer months. The smell of the lavender is stunning and seeing all the happy sunflowers too is such a summer pick-me-up. I love the whole experience of going and collecting a paper bag to and cut some of the lavender from the fields to take home with you. I have also enjoyed a number of the sun down cinema events there too over the past years with friends, many happy memories.

The title of this post is Lavender’s Blue. Firstly because my daughter has learnt to play the song from the Cinderella movie on the piano and it is really sweet listening to her sing along as if she is Ella! I can almost imagine her dancing in fields and singing. I also chose the title because I am feeling a bit ‘blue’ due to social distancing at the moment means that there are restrictions in place for these venues. Sadly the lush lavender is not available for cutting this year. Sometimes it takes something to not be available to appreciate it more and make a special effort to go in an allocated time slot and still enjoy a picnic or some cake from their mobile cafe and enjoy the smell of the fields. You can book tickets on their website.

I was also pleased to see that their website is trading despite their beautiful barn cafe and play area being closed and I decided to buy some of their lavender anyway this year. I also purchased a lovely gift set for my mum for her birthday: shampoo, conditioner and body wash in a gift box. It’s all made using the lavender from the local fields and is paraben free with no artificial coloring, it smells wonderful! Using local products means less air miles from imports. This is something to consider when making eco choices!

I was impressed with the quick delivery by hand to our door as we live in the local area. Throughout this time it’s so important to support these small business and to be able to keep them going.

With the dried lavender I also bought I’ve not quite decided what to do with it yet! Please post me your suggestions! I’d love to have a go with it at write up another blog post.

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