The Gift of a Rainbow

This double rainbow was taken at Old Hunstanton by Emilie, check her blog

The colours of the rainbow are so beautiful and they are a powerful symbol of hope. It reminds me of the story of Noah in the Bible and the sign of rainbow that is given as a promise to Noah and his family. More than just a hope that better times are ahead but a firm commitment to the goodness of life after coming though the storm.

I’ve never really considered before that there are seven colours in a rainbow and that works out as promise for each and every new day of the week!

Throughout this lockdown period it’s been so heart warming to see rainbows in windows as an encouragement to us all that there is beauty in being all in this together and that we will come through it and see the rainbow.

One of the stranger aspects of the lockdown period is as much as schedules have been cancelled and social interaction now remote, life goes on. Birthdays happen, people get older etc. I, for one, have celebrated my birthday during this period and so have many of my friends. I think it’s particularly hard for children celebrating milestone birthdays and understanding the need to stay home and not have the party they were hoping for.

For any of my children’s friends that have had birthdays in this time, we have been trying our best to send them a little gift to show that we are thinking of them. It’s actually quite tricky to buy so many things at the moment when there is a limited amount of shops open and this means that the giant companies like Amazon then take more market share.

Despite this, I was really pleased to see that lots of smaller companies are still doing their best to retail on-line through sites like Not on The High Street and now more than ever is that time to be supporting them. I’ve done a few of my own craft projects from these individual sellers and it has brought me great satisfaction when usually I’m too busy to make the time for it.

If you are looking for a little gift for someone who likes to be creative, why not give a rainbow with one of these little stitching projects from the independent seller Cotton Clara?

I love that they are accessible and eco. The gifts are beautifully hand-crafted. They come in an eco-conscious, colourfully designed, plastic-free package. Even the packing material was a 100% biodegradable mail bag. This is such a breath of fresh air to the usual plastic mass produced alternatives for this kind of gift. Inside is all that is needed to make up the project. A plywood board, the rainbow coloured cotton embroidery threads with a needle and card printed instructions.

Children and adults will love stitching these rainbows and helping them to enjoy the art of sewing and creating. It’s a fun little present that doesn’t cost the earth! Receiving this little embroidery kit could brighten up someone’s day with a ray of hope and of a promise to come through this time.

They will also conveniently fit into an envelope with a large letter stamp so can be put in the post-box easily without having the go to a Post Office.

Who can you give the gift of a rainbow to during this lockdown?

Small Plug! Please read my friend Emilie’s great blog here and visit their online shop:

Roes in thr East small-01.png

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