Face Scrubbies

This post has taken a while to put together and with much anticipation of people asking me about it so here goes….

Watch how to make one in my handy video!

I first came across the idea of these reusable face scrubbies when a friend who is a crochet and knitting teacher was showing me what she had been making for a demonstration table with Transition Letchworth. This is group of volunteers who are working together to promote sustainability across the town where we live. There are so many good things this group do that I will certainly be writing more posts about.

As someone who has crocheted a lot when I was younger, but a bit out of practice, I gave them a go. It soon came back to me and they were really enjoyable to make. I used a soft organic cotton and they came up really soft and pleasant to use. They are good alternative to using cotton wool pads to remove make-up or cosmetic face wipes that are single use then discarded. Wipes often contain plastic too which cannot be recycled and are becoming a issue for our oceans being contaminated with this kind of waste. These little reusable face mitts, can be used and washed over and over again. I really like the handy little strap too that makes them easy and ergonomic to use and different from anything else I’ve seen like this.

For mother’s day this year for the school pop up stall, I was on a mission again to source ‘green’ gifts that can sell for £3. It is harder than you think! Having used the face scrubbies myself, I had the slightly alternative idea to make these scrubbies into a little gift pack. The gift is for two of the little face scrubbies, and then all you need to make another one. They come in a little paper bag, a bit like a sweet bag that reminds me of buying penny sweets as child from the local store. I rather like this idea of diving into a bag of something that feels like a treat. The kit also contains a 4mm crochet hook, some more cotton yarn wrapped round a piece of card and a booklet with all the written instructions and information about using them.

Sustainable living is a skill and this little kit, not only included a lovely reusable useful gift but also gives the recipient the tools they need to continue if they want to. My hope with this is that that this will inspire people to have fun and be creative with sustainable living.

Quite a few of the mums at school have given them a go and enjoyed them! As well as the booklet of instructions, we made a video (above) of how to make them. Use the button below to download a PDF of the instructions:

A few thankyou’s are in order for this post……….to my knitting friend for introducing me to them in the first place, my mum for helping to mass crochet the scrubbies to go in the kits for school, my son’s classroom Teaching Assistant, a good friend, who helped to work through the instructions during breaktimes, another good friend who helped to wind all the cotton on the card and then help sell them on the stall as well as my husband for helping to edit my first YouTube appearance! Phew!

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